Next Steps

Change is inevitable. As we found in our research, change is pervasive across industries and unlikely to slow down any time soon. Being change-ready gives businesses a significant competitive advantage, creating more opportunities for them to maximise efficiencies and grow.

Road to Growth uncovers some tell-tale signs of highly change-ready businesses. They:

  • excel with their capabilities to change their processes and systems
  • understand the importance adaptive processes and systems have on people and culture
  • have the support of senior leadership for change across all areas of the business
  • are more likely to understand external pressures on their business and give a high priority to meeting customer needs and improving product or service delivery
  • believe technology has a strongly positive impact on the business and is an enabler for change.

Change readiness is achievable for any business. To find out how change-ready you really are, use our Change Readiness Assessment Tool by clicking the link icon beside this paragraph.

Here you'll discover your Australian Business Change Readiness Score and determine next steps so you can move closer to becoming a high change-ready organisation - and start your journey to the road to growth.

About our research

The research was conducted by Added Value on behalf of Optus. The Optus Australian Business Change Readiness Score is based on the change readiness models, constructs and measures developed by Professor Achilles Armenakis from Auburn University and Daniel Holt from the US Air Force Institute of Technology.